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Vacuum Excavation Barossa Valley

If you are looking for the most reliable vacuum excavation Barossa Valley and Adelaide Plains have to offer, talk to our team. Bardell Excavations offer tracked vacuum excavator hire and vacuum excavation truck hire for various projects in and around Barossa Valley as well as Adelaide Plains.

Decades after starting our operations as an excavation contractor, our clients can now avail of the latest innovation in the digging industry – vacuum excavation. It is a technologically advanced excavation process that uses low-impact and non-destructive forces to make way for our experts to visually inspect the exact positions of buried facilities (if any), beneath active construction or renovation sites.

Our vacuum excavation solutions (also known as hydro vacuum excavation) are now one of the most sought after services we provide because of the unique process of using high-pressure water to loosen the soil in the targeted area(s). After the soil and any other materials are loosened, the unwanted materials are extracted using a high-power suction hose into the spoil/rubbish tank.

Our vacuum excavation solutions provide our clients with an easy way of verifying and exposing underground utility lines, thereby allowing them to determine the –

  • Type,
  • Depth,
  • Size, and
  • Position of the same in the most efficient, fast and cost-effective manner.

We can also help you by accurately surveying the utilities at the time of excavation to update survey or record drawings.

Non Destructive Digging Barossa Valley

Our team offers non destructive digging Barossa Valley and Adelaide Plains residents can rely on. Our services offers you a safe alternative to mechanical digging, especially when it involves boring holes and digging trenches around buried utility services. We make the use of the latest hydro excavation equipment that allows us to minimise the risk of damage to underlying utilities within your project site.

Furthermore, we have qualified operators under our payroll and a dedicated vacuum excavation team we have put together that allows us to complete our task at hand safely and efficiently all the while causing minimal damage to the Australian environment.

For more details, be sure to give us a call.

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