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Excavate your worksite in the safest, fastest, most precise, and economical way possible by getting Bardell Excavations, the best vacuum excavation company in Barossa Valley and other locations in South Australia. Whether you need excavation done for trenching, digging, dredging, or site development, you can be assured that our expert team will complete your project on budget and on time every single time! This is why we are trusted by ETSA Utilities, The Department of Transport and Infrastructure, SA Water, Councils, wineries, developers, and contractors in South Australia. They all know that Bardell Excavations provides the most skillfully, timely, and precisely executed vacuum excavations.

By getting us to be your vacuum excavation company in Barossa Valley or in other locations in South Australia, you can have peace of mind knowing we will meet all your design and planning specifications as well as your budget and deadline requirements. With a tested-and-proven track record of successfully completing vacuum excavations for residential, commercial, and industrial developments, public infrastructure projects, and utilities and telecommunications applications, you can rely on us to do the job right the first time. With us Here at Bardell Excavations, you can expect nothing less than highest levels of quality-assured workmanship, service excellence, and customer satisfaction.

Since 1985, Bardell Excavations has built a strong reputation for utilising the latest technological and technical innovations our industry has to offer to deliver the best and most cost-effective solutions for all our clients. With vacuum excavations providing a safer, faster, more precise, and economical solution than traditional methods, we have made sure that we provide our clients with a highly skilled team of experts armed with top-of-the-line equipment and industry-leading techniques. So, from construction to civil engineering to utilities and telecommunications projects, Bardell Excavation has become the go-to vacuum excavation company in Barossa Valley and various other locations in South Australia.

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What Benefits Do You Gain by Utilising Vacuum Excavation?

A multitude of construction companies, real estate developers, and civil engineering contractors as well as utilities and telecommunications systems providers throughout South Australia utilise vacuum excavation for their worksites. This is because this leading-edge excavation method has proven to be exceptionally beneficial. By utilising vacuum excavation, you can –

Speed Up Your Overall Work Process

As vacuum excavation is a more advanced technology that can excavate land with a higher degree of efficiency, you can speed up your overall work process to meet all your deadline requirements. This is especially beneficial if your worksite has to meet strict and tight schedules or if extraordinary circumstances have caused unexpected time constraints.

Increase The Safety of Your Worksite

Because vacuum excavation does not use heavy and dangerous machinery when compared to traditional methods, you can increase the safety of your worksite by keeping people from harm or injury or nearby properties from damage. Likewise, as this does not throw up any excess dust, dirt, and debris into the air, you can stop people from breathing in harmful particles that will endanger their health.

Eliminate The Risks of Damaging Utilities

With vacuum excavation not needing heavy equipment that can accidentally hit underground electrical, plumbing, and telecommunications lines, you can eliminate the risks of damaging utilities. As traditional methods use excavators, backhoes, trenchers, bulldozers, and other earthmoving machinery that are known for inadvertent utility strikes, you can protect yourself from any liability.

Reduce Your Need for More Equipment & Manpower

Because vacuum excavation only uses a specialised truck with a few expert operators, you will reduce your need to use a variety of equipment or hire additional manpower to complete your project. As a result, you can effectively save your home, business, or organisation from any unnecessary expenses and you can utilise these finances for other aspects of your project.

Minimise Environmental Impact

With vacuum excavation able to take away soil and other materials more efficiently and store it immediately, you can minimise environmental impact by eliminating all the excess dirt, dust, and debris from your worksite. So, by having a cleaner project area, you are effectively helping protect the trees and vegetation around your worksite from harmful matter.

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Where Do We Offer Our Vacuum Excavation Services?

Bardell Excavations is located in Lyndoch, South Australia and we offer our vacuum excavation services in the following locations –

  • Barossa Valley
  • Gawler
  • Northern Adelaide Hills
  • Adelaide Plains
  • Kapunda and Light district

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