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Speed up your construction process by working with Bardell Excavations, the most accurate and precise site preparation company in Barossa Valley and other locations in South Australia. Whether you are building a residential development, a commercial office building, an industrial facility, or a public infrastructure project, you can rely on our team to prepare your site with skillful execution on time every single time! This is why we are trusted by ETSA Utilities, The Department of Transport and Infrastructure, SA Water, Councils, wineries, developers, and contractors in South Australia. You too can trust us to provide you with the most well-executed construction site preparation done on time and on budget.

Since 1985, our team here at Bardell Excavations has successfully delivered a multitude of site preparations with pinpoint accuracy and precision. Having decades of tested-and-proven success, you too can expect the same high level of quality-assured workmanship for your build. With the countless homes, businesses, and government facilities that we have paved the way to start construction, we have gained the knowledge and expertise to deliver the safest, fastest, and the most reliable site preparation that is unmatched by any other company. So, no matter the size, scope, complexity, location, or time constraint, Bardell Excavations will meet all your design, budget, and deadline requirements.

Bardell Excavations is a fully licenced, qualified, insured, and accredited site preparation company in Barossa Valley as well as various other locations in South Australia. Thus, you can be assured that our team, equipment, and processes comply with the strictest quality and safety regulations mandated by government and industry authorities. Likewise, all site preparation experts have the highest qualifications and accreditations to meet the demands of the most complex building sites. Most importantly, we have a full range of insurance policies in place, including Workcover, to address all possible eventualities.

So, if you want the best site preparation company in Barossa Valley and other locations in South Australia to help speed up your construction process with the most accurate and precise site preparation services, get in touch with our team today!

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Where Do We Ofer Our Site Preparation Services?

Bardell Excavations is located in Lyndoch, South Australia and we offer our site preparation services in the following locations –

  • Barossa Valley
  • Gawler
  • Northern Adelaide Hills
  • Adelaide Plains
  • Kapunda and Light district

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Our Five-phase Site Preparation Process

Based on our decades of skills, knowledge, and experience, our team here at Bardell Excavations has developed a tried-and-true site preparation process that has five highly meticulous phases.

Phase 1 – Clearing Your Construction Site

Clearing your construction site of any trees, vegetation, debris, structures, and other obstructions that may hinder the building process is the first phase of your site preparation. Heavy equipment like excavators and bulldozers are used to clear all obstacles as well as graders to flatten the land and rammers to compact the soil. Proper site clearing is a critical phase in your building process as it lays the groundwork for a safer and faster construction project.

Phase 2 – Surveying Your Construction Site

Surveying your construction site is the second phase of your site preparation. Our team of experts will survey the entirety of your land to determine the ideal layout for your construction site. This phase will involve pinpointing the exact boundaries, the precise locations of buildings and structures to be constructed, and the best ways to connect utilities like electricity, water, gas, internet, telephone, and waste management systems. Proper construction site surveys are requirements for zoning and acquiring building permits.

Phase 3 – Testing The Soil In Your Construction Site

Testing the soil in your construction site to verify its classification and composition is the third phase of your site preparation. The data from soil testing is highly critical to determine the exact type of foundation that is to be used for your building project. This will also determine the location of different soil or rock layers in your construction site. Specialised heavy equipment will be used to drill a borehole or dig a pit to get a soil sample. This sample will then be sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Phase 4 – Planning The Design of Your Construction Site

After soil testing is done, all septic tanks and drainage systems should be installed. So, the next phase will be planning the design of the pipes and plumbing systems in your construction site to determine the proper placement of fixtures and septic tanks. Careful planning of the design is crucial as factors like rock formations may alter underground building works. Once a site plan is created, a detailed record of the exact locations of underground fixtures must be made. The site plan will also show the precise area where your building must be placed after construction.

Phase 5 – Investigating Your Construction Site

Finally, investigating your construction site is the last phase of your site preparation. In this phase, an expert investigator will analyse and evaluate if the proposed building site is ideal for construction. A geotechnical site investigation will be conducted to characterise the rock, soil, and groundwater conditions. The data collected from this investigation will be critical in designing and constructing the right foundation that will ensure the safety and structural integrity of the building.

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